Winemaker ~ Peter Cron

In the early 1980s while attending Cal Poly, I started working for Estrella River Winery where I was fortunate to work with Tom Meyers and Gary Eberle. They opened my eyes to the amazing wines coming from this little known wine-making region. Before that most of my wine consumption experience was built around the wines from Napa. So for me it was truly an eye-opening experience.

From there I chose a different path. I moved back to Los Angeles and worked in the engineering field for a number of years. But, once exposed to the enchanting world of wine, there is no cure. My Father moved to the Central Coast and planted a small Cabernet vineyard. Well, that was all the motivation I needed. I moved back to the Central Coast and opened a small winery with my family that specialized in the production from single vineyard wines. Developing an understanding that great wines are made in the vineyard gave me the opportunity to express myself in the world of wine. For those of you who were able to enjoy the wines of Laverne Vineyard, I am grateful.

It was my fortunate pleasure to have been introduced to the Filipponi family in the early 1990s. The wonderful close family bond and heritage of this family on the Central Coast is legendary. They have given me the opportunity to make wines that I feel best showcase the Central Coast.

Great wines are made in the vineyard and I am fortunate enough to guide these grapes through the wine making process. From the cool coastal valleys to the warm rolling hills of North County, the Central Coast is an amazing and diverse wine growing region.  Here at Filipponi Ranch we strive to make wines that are true expressions of the varietal and the vintage. Please enjoy these wines with friends and family, or people that you would like to be friends with. Friends, food and of course wine, that is life here on the Central Coast.

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